two things about Chick-fil-A: everybody wants it on Sundays, and nobody remembers how it's spelled.

*student work*
some attribute this collective misremembering to The Mandela Effect – supposedly proof of alternate realities.
(more about this stuff here)
introducing Chic-fil-A: the bizarro-world CFA experience.

Chic-fil-A is a traveling pop-up that takes over brick and mortar Chick-fil-As across the country for one Sunday at a time. a dedicated Chic-fil-A team sets up the night before and runs the store the following day. 
Chic-fil-A travels across the country during the summer. the only clue about its next stop is the Chic-fil-A branding on seemingly normal CFA ephemera.

aside from being open on Sunday, the store experience offers twists on favorite menu items and easter eggs only a die-hard would know(three pickles instead of two, "The pleasure is mine," instead of "My pleasure," etc.)
social/digital ads begin to pop up, advertising those weird new menu items. 
Chic-fil-A Twitter goes live and after some #buzzy tweets they announce the grand opening of their first location. Chick-fil-A Official retweets it.
the social buzz (#onlyopensundays) and press reaction generate scads of Free Media Impressions.

(the pleasure was ours)