Creative Loafing was an award-winning weekly publication in atlanta for 45 years. 
then they talked to us and we killed the weekly. but print isn't dead, it's just different now. (monthly)
brand relaunch video. shoe-string budget meant my partner wrote the music. 
The Loafy character became a recurring comic called South of Center. Here's a few of them:
the transition from weekly to monthly meant there was two weeks with nothing on the racks.
we sent out some posters and encouraged people to call in "for more information."
we made a brand zine/manifesto in their classic format.
a fun benefit of this is now i can tell people that i wrote the very last 32-page weekly issue ever printed. selected spreads below. 
with Nico Giarrano, Todd Durkee, Greiven Cruz, Katrina Lenzly. CD Blake Tannery