moms had given up on grape juice. too much sugar. we pitched and won
and said you know what grape juice isn't cute. it's actually really 
serious business. 
colbert parodied it(!!!!) 
my partner and i wrote a bunch of stuff including some radio live reads. we had far more fun than you're "supposed" to. 
The Bonfire on Sirius XM thought the read was bonkers (it was) and ran with it so far the client ended up pulling the placement. i take this as a compliment. 
i never thought i would have a career highlight involving live radio reads, but here's Howard Stern reading our nonsense on his show. 


look ma i made some ads: 
with Owen Weeks, Lucas Tristao, Mike Lomanto, Gage Young, and Nick Bynum.
CDs Zoe Kessler, Avi Baliga, Gerry Graf.